How It Works

Gateway’s advanced network of warehousing services, ground and ocean logistics makes it easy and affordable to ship heavyweight products from anywhere in the world, to homes across North America. With lower prices and less damage to products, your customers will get better value. Sign up today


Last-mile Delivery

Gateway encompasses many ground carriers delivering orders averaging 1,500 pounds. You may save up to 30% on shipping costs, and can choose how you would like your products delivered. You can keep the savings or pass them on to the customer.

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Warehousing Solutions

Includes 40+ warehouse locations in North America for partners to access the Gateway. Made up of Super Distribution Centers, Regional Distribution Centers and Micro Distribution Centers, any of which can serve as an access point into the Gateway network.

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Global Services

Gateway network is comprised of five ocean service providers servicing six continents globally. Take advantage of our volume pricing discounts to keep your shipping costs lower than your competition. Gateway is C-TPAT (Customs–Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and PIP (Partners in Protection) certified which leads to expedited processing and fewer customs examinations, saving you more.

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“With minimal investment, no long-term contracts, and a turn-key infrastructure, Gateway offers tremendous value, convenience and savings. This supply chain has the potential to revolutionize heavyweight ecommerce and advance an entire industry.”
Alexandre Decarie - CEO of Power Dekor North America

Why It’s Different

Fewer touchpoints

Gateway offers end-to-end solutions for heavyweight shipping resulting in fewer touchpoints and less damage to the delivered product. In fact, we strive for the average consolidated Gateway shipment to be handled 50% less than those in other heavyweight supply chain networks.

Accountability via ratings and reviews

Once a delivery is complete, customers provide feedback on their experiences. These ratings and reviews are funnelled back through the system and carriers that perform well will get more business and those that receive consistently poor feedback, are removed.

Powered by predictive analytics

You will get access to varying levels of data depending on how you engage with the platform. At the highest level, you get real-time access to a dashboard that leverages sophisticated predictive analytics to show where demand for your products are. Products in the network are easily moved around the country to ensure they are close to your customers, which closes the gap on shipping costs and offers more reliable delivery windows.

Customized delivery options

Your customers may save up to 30% on shipping costs and can choose how they would like their products delivered: white glove (i.e. room of choice), first threshold (i.e. inside a garage), light or heavy assembly and removal of old product, garbage, or dunnage. Additionally, as manufacturers and distributors you can select how to manage the movement of your products (ocean and ground logistics, or warehousing services).


All supply chain services are available to any retailer and offer flexibility for distributors and manufacturers to enter the North American market.

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